ArcGIS Customizations

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Users of ArcGIS 10 can download this ArcObjects dll to geocode Orem addresses using the Orem Geocoding Web Service. This DLL can geocode one typed address at a time, panning the user around the data view, optionally placing a graphic at the location.
To install the DLL:
  1. Open ArcMap with administrator privileges
  2. With ArcMap open, click Customize > Customize Mode...
  3. Click the "Add from file..." button
  4. Browse to the location where you saved the DLL, select the DLL, and click Open
  5. You should get a small dialog that shows the text "OremCityGeocoder". If you do not see this, then ArcMap is not running with administrative privileges. That means that the custom geocoding can't be installed into ArcMap at this time. Try something else to get ArcMap to run with elevated privileges. But if you DO see "OremCityGeocder" in an "Added Objects..." dialog box, click OK.
  6. A command called Geocode Orem Address(es)... will be placed in the Geocoding category.
  7. Drag and drop the command to any toolbar you want
  8. Click the Close button
To use the DLL:
Geocoding a single address (it helps to have other layers in your map that cover Orem city in the NAD27 Central Utah projection)
  1. Click the Orem City Geocoder button. Its icon is an outline of Orem city with a red square in the southwestern portion of it.
  2. Enter an address any logical way, but leave out the city, state, and zip. Some examples of geocodable addresses are:
  3. Optionally enter an offset for the point (default is 0 feet)
  4. As the dialog box indicates, you can keep the current extent and place the graphic, or have the map moved for you. When you have the map moved for you, you have the option of placing a graphic on the map. The graphic is a solid red square. (It would be pointless for the map not to move and not to place a graphic).
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With this file, users of ArcGIS 10 can preview text files using the same font settings they've chosen in Windows Notepad.
To install the DLL:
  1. Unzip the files to a location on your hard drive, preferably a new folder specifically for this utility
  2. Close any ArcGIS programs that are running
  3. First determine if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit CPU. If you don't know, try right-clicking on My Computer (or just Computer) and select Properties. The System Type will tell you how wide your CPU is.
  4. Run the install with administrator privileges.
To use the DLL:
  1. Browse to a text file in ArcCatalog and select it in the tree
  2. Click the Preview tab
  3. To change the Font used in the Preview tab:
    1. Close ArcCatalog
    2. Open Notepad
    3. Click Format > Font and change the Font there
    4. Optionally, click Format > Word Wrap. The text preview tab will only wrap text if notepad is set to do the same thing.
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This DLL is not downloadable as it accesses a particular set of tables in a certain database internal to Orem. All in-house database applications built by Orem access an IBM i-Series with an AS/400 operating system. This database is not natively accessed by ArcGIS or MapObjects. Some of these database programs regularly verify addresses by looking at a central repository of valid addresses.
Before the release of the Address Hive, our GIS Planner, Clint Spencer had to enter address information twice: once in our parcel geodatabase and once in the address database. Using ArcHiveCommands, he can quickly add selected parcel address information into the Address Hive database. Other tools generate unique parcel IDs and help him reconcile mislinks between the geodatabase and the AS/400 database.