Orem GIS for the Public

at maps.orem.org
Orem maintains dozens of GIS layers, utilized both by city employees and external entities. However, not all of these layers are available to the public. Some of these layers are restricted by law, primarily when the safety of our citizens would be at risk to disseminate such information. Some layers are shareable in limited forms and in limited geographical areas. For instance, some data are only shareable in CAD format while other information can only be obtained on paper.
For layers that are shareable with the public, we offer a few different formats. Each of them has its own method of public delivery.
All data provided by Orem City is in NAD27 Utah Central state plane coordinates.
Accuracy and Accountability
Data obtained from Orem is bound to be pretty accurate, but we still do not guarantee error-free data. When it comes to property lines and building footprints, errors in survey methods and coordinate systems are inherent. A deed or legal description is always the court-worthy document for dispute purposes.
Someone in the Swiss Army once said, "When the map and the terrain differ -- trust the terrain." In other words, if our data says that something is at a location and you go there and it's not, then believe the fact that it's not. And if our data says that nothing is at another location and you go there and something IS there, then believe the fact that something's there. I would also say, "When the map and the legal documents differ -- trust the legal documents."
Data on CD
Data is available on CD in two formats: CAD and ESRI Shapefile. The CAD CD costs $100.00. The ESRI Shapefile CD is $5.00. A list of the shapefiles appears in a table at the bottom of this page. The CAD CD contains all of the layers digitized.
To purchase the CAD CD, contact Neal Winterton at (801) 229-7337. To purchase the ESRI Shapefile CD, contact Roger Dunn at (801) 229-7005. Once your order is made, come to 56 N State Street in Orem. Look for the main structure closest to the intersection of State Street and Center Street. There you'll find Development Services on the main floor (Room 109). Ask for your CD and they will accept your payment at the counter.
Data On-line
Streaming GIS
If you have ArcGIS for Desktop 10 installed, you can access up-to-date data from maps.orem.org. To access it, open ArcCatalog, then follow these steps:
  1. Expand GIS Servers
  2. Double-click Add ArcGIS Server
  3. Select "Use GIS Services" and click Next
  4. For the URL, type maps.orem.org after the http:// text
  5. Click Finish
  6. The connection's name will be arcgis on maps.orem.org, but you can rename the connection
Double-click the connection you created to actually connect to our server and you will see a few map services to choose from. Go ahead and preview any of these in ArcCatalog and/or add them to your ArcMap documents./div>
The following chart lists the ESRI Shapefile layers that come on the CD. If a layer is available at maps.orem.org through ArcGIS, its map service and layer name will be specified. Many of the layers available on CD are not maintained by Orem. That means that they originally came from another source, even if we paid for it, and any changes to the actual, physical layer may not be propogated to the digital layer in a timely manner.
Layer Description/Notes gis.orem.org
Boundary City Boundary
CityBoundary/Orem City Boundary
Buildings This actually contains a mix of building footprints and building plans, which often differ. Some of it is obtained from a fly-over, some of it is obtained from plat drawings.
Cell Towers This layer is not maintained by Orem.
Cemetery This layer includes names and dates of the interred, as well as which plots are available for purchase.
City-owned Trees Maintained by our TreeGIS application. This layer only includes the TreeIDs. In other words, tree species, value, and other unique characteristics are indeterminable with this layer.
Trees/City Trees
In the web service, the trees are joined to their relevant data.
Contours Elevation contours every two feet.
Filing Blocks The City Recorder's Office divides the city into blocks for document indexing purposes. This layer shows those boundaries.
Fly-Over (November 2007) Color, 6-inch resolution aerial photo. The CD contains five MrSID images that together cover the entire city. The ArcIMS Image Service reads an ArcSDE 9.3 geodatabase that was created by mosaicking the original TIFF images together. FlyOver/November 2007 Aerial Photo
Fly-Over (2008/2009) Color, 6-inch resolution aerial photo. The CD doesn't contain this layer, as it is a 17 GB file geodatabase. AerialPhoto
Major Street Names This layer is primarily for cartegraphic purposes. It labels the major streets from outside the city boundary.
Neighborhoods in Action Orem Neighborhoods and contact information for neighborhood boards. Neighborhoods/Orem Neighborhoods in Action
Parcels The Utah County parcel tax layer contains owner names and mailing addresses and is in NAD83. Our layer contains land use codes and other city-specific fields. Parcels/Orem City Parcels
Parks City Parks. Parks/Parks
Police Quads The Police Department divides the city into blocks for reporting purposes. Their statistics are calculated for each of these blocks. You also get crime statistics for the last three years with this layer. PoliceStatBounds/Police Statistical Quads
Railroad Railroad tracks.
RDA Redevelopment Agency Boundaries.
School Boundaries and Buildings Delineates boundaries for public schools in the Alpine school district. These layers are maintained by the Apline School District.
ElementarySchools/Elementary Schools
ElementarySchools/Elementary School Boundaries
JuniorHighSchools/Junior High Schools
JuniorHighSchools/Junior High School Boundaries
HighSchools/High Schools
div>HighSchools/High School Boundaries
Section Corners These are used for making legal descriptions in Township and Range coordinates.
Sign Zones Sign regulations differ, depending on the sign zone of the intended sign. This layer is simply the boundaries and names for these zones.
Soils Orem does not maintain this layer.
Standard Land Use Codes (SLU) Also known as Orem's General Plan. GeneralPlan/General Plan
Street Centerlines This layer helps us geocode and label streets on our maps. Centerlines/Orem Centerlines
Street Outline This layer shows roads by width and curvature as it follows the roads' asphalt outline. This layer is not maintained by Orem.
Swamp Swampland.
Traffic Signals One signal point per intersection, no matter how many signals are actually at the intersection.
Trash Routes and Recycling Schedule Waste Management's layer indicates which areas get picked up by which crew on which day of the week. Orem does not maintain this layer.
WasteManagement/Trash Routes
WasteManagement/Recycling Pickup
Utah Valley Cities City boundaries for all cities in Utah Valley. Orem does not maintain this layer.
Voting Precincts Each precinct is also assigned to a House Representative, State Senator, Congressional District, and Alpine School District number. VotingPrecincts/Voting Precincts
Wetlands Wetlands. Orem does not maintain this layer.
Youth Sports Boundaries The Orem Fitness Center uses miniature boundaries to divide children into teams who sign up for them.
Zip Codes 84057, 84058, 84097, 84042, and 84604. Orem does not maintain this layer. ZipCodes/Zip Codes
Zones Planning Zones, such as R8, C2, and OS5. Zoning/Zoning