GIS Web Services


Web Services are programs that run on a web server, but their results are fed back to a calling program elsewhere on the Internet. Web Services are only of interest to application developers. Application developers that use web services are well acquainted with terms like "consume", "WSDL", "SOAP", "interfaced object", and "RPC".

WSDL location:
Out-of-the-box geocoding from ESRI products does not meet all of Orem's geocoding needs. We needed a solution that would geocode addresses from desktop and web programs the same way. Being a Utah city, we faced many of the same problems other Utah entities face when geocoding addresses: sometimes the street name is placed before the house number, sometimes streets have more than one name, and sometimes we have address coordinates that don't match any street at all.
Using the IOremGeocoder interface has allowed all of our GIS applications to plot addresses under all the above circumstances. A program that wishes to geocode in this manner merely needs to be connected to the Internet to receive results. The IOremGeocoder interface has only one method: GeocodeOremAddress. It returns a point object in NAD27 Utah Central coordinates.
At this time, all of our on-line Interactive Maps use this web service to geocode when the user clicks the "Zoom to Address" button. Most of our In-House GIS Applications and Extensions use it, too.
The geocoding service can also be used a REST application which returns a JSON Point object. Instead of just using the address above, append it like this: Then follow it with an addr parameter specifying the address you want to geocode, then an optional offset parameter. What you'll get back is a ArcGIS Server JSON point object. To try it click on the following address, which geocodes the address of Fire Station 2, located at 911 N Main Street, using a 90-foot offset: